Scented Mask Sticker

Top:Herbal, Citrus, Muguet
Mid:Bamboo, Oolong, Green Tea
Base:Musky, Herbal Tea

Shades of Green
Sunlight scattered through the woods. Young green layers up with older green. It’s warm afternoon but feeling chill and refreshing

Nature Does Not Hurry
Life pace deserves to slow down: walking in the forest, staying in the garden, listening to songs at night. Handhandhand blended a few plants imaginary into various types of fragrance mood. All of them help enjoy our slow pace of life. Let nature takes its course and grow naturally.

How to use

Apply one sticker on the outer side of the mask. The scent lasts a maximum of 8 hours depending on the type of mask. Single use only.

30 Stickers (6 x 6 pcs)

Duration: 8 hours

Ingredients: Fragrance,Nonwoven fabric


Avoid direct contact to the skin, mouth and eyes.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Avoid storage in areas with direct sunlight and excessive humidity. Store in a cool and dry place.

Securely seal the package after each use


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