Candle Gift Set


Top: Wormwood, Mint, Spearmint

Mid: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Buchu Leaf, Patchouli

Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber

Artist Collection 2023

handhandhand x Enikő Katalin Eged

Artist limited scented candles

Hand shadow is a traditional Chinese folk game for children. With just a candle, a lamp or a bright moon, images of various object can be created by changing shapes of hands. On the occasion of the coming of the Year of the Rabbit, handhandhand joined with Hungarian illustrator Enikő Katalin Eged, will bring you the Year of the Rabbit illustration version scented candle in 2023. It was Inspired by the hand shadow puppets game, using expression technique of comic storytelling. A new year begins in the aesthetic collision of the East and the West.

Enikő Katalin Eged

Hungarian illustrator Enikő Katalin Eged, with her passion for expository narratives, has created a simple graphic language that conveys a sense of empathy, tolerance and open-mindedness through smooth shapes and bright colors. Her creative art work always "connect or reconnect in some way common perceptions of small details and memories." Her artworks are connected with animals, still lifes, emotions and visual narratives. She specializes in retro colors and typography. Through the rich detailed description, the aesthetic meaning of the East and the West is skillfully integrated.

Approx burn time 40HRs

To enjoy best diffusion and burning, you need to burn the candle 2 or 3 hours at a time maximum, or until the whole top of the candle goes liquid. /Cut the wick short (1/4 inch) before relighting the candle to avoid unnecessary smoke. /Do not place the candle in a wind draught or directly on a glass, wooden or marble surface. /Never leave a burning candle unattended./Never move or tip a burning candle./Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Rabbit Candle Carousel


Please assemble the candle carousel before installing it on the candle.

1.Insert the head of support rod into the chassis slot and rotate clockwise to fix it. 

2Attach the pendant to the fan blade of the rotary table and place it on the top of the support rod.

3Install the candle carousel on the candle. 


1. The speed of the candle carousel can vary due to changes in seasons and temperatures.

2. When lighting a candle for the first time, wait until the candle burns evenly and the hot air flow rises to drive the fan blades to rotate stably.

3. When using this product in an air-conditioned room, the temperature difference will  cause the speed to slow down, and the axis position can be moved appropriately.

4. Do not place in an area where children can reach to prevent the risk of swallowing and scalding.


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